Add zeros as padding to track numbers

I simply want to change the track numbers in the metadata from 1, 2 3 to 01, 02, 03 etc.
Can this be done quickly and easily for albums and how do I do it?

select all the files.
Open Convert>Tag-Tag
Select field TRACK
Enter as
Format String: $num(%track%,2)
Click OK to apply the converter.
Please note that MP4 tags do not allow padding with zeros.

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Everything worked fine up to having it change in the original files. How should I be saving the changes?

i experimented changing other items like album name, and when I saved this , the change showed up in the original file. But for the track name, while the 0 shows up on the mp3tag screen, when saved, it is not changed in the original file properties. Am I doing something wrong?

What are we talking about?
The tag data inside the file or the filename?
If you want to get a new filename, rename it with the function Convert>Tag-Filename.

The only thing I want to change is in the tag data the track numbers instead of being 1,2 3 to be 01, 02, 03 etc. This is because my mp3 player somehow plays out of order in the original because it plays based on the internal data not the file name.

I think I got what you want. It is just that I do not get what went wrong.
What kind of files are we talking about? MP3? Flac? Wav?
What kind of tag versions are in the files? ID3? APE? etc.
Where do you see the updated information and where do you expect it but it isn't there?
Which tag fields are filled? ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE, TRACK?

I have tried making changes only on mp3. I do not know the answer to what tag versions, as this is unfamiliar to me. The fields I have filled are name, track number, title, contributing artist and album. If I want to make changes in them I just go into properties details and make changes. The only thing I am unable to do is add a 0 before the numbers 1-9 in the # column. I hoped this program would allow me to do that, but when I make the change in the program and save, the numbers in my files stay the same. Is it possible to make this change and have it remain in the files?

either load the files into MP3tag and apply the filter
%_tag% HAS APE

or select a single file and press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
What does the dialogue title say?

And: in which program do you test that the changes are not saved?

This picture is a folder loaded into mp3tag and the what i get when I did alt T on one file. As you can see the tracks are listed as 01,02, etc there. When I simply open the folder on the computer and do properties details for a given file, the tracks are 1,2 3. When I entered that filter you gave me it just cleared all the listings off.

That the filter cleared the list, is reassuring: no APE tags. Good.

It looks as though the Windows Explorer cuts away leading zeros in the display of the properties. So I wouldn't be bothered. The tag definitely has the leading zero if MP3tag shows it.

Perhaps Windows Explorer is preferring ID3v1.1 tags, where the leading hero isnʼt stored either. Such cosmetic issues should be handled by the player, not in the tag, anyway.

I think you are correct and it did change the tags. Unfortunately it didn't have the result I hoped for when playing in my mp3 player. It changed how they are ordered but not to the normal numerical order. This is a problem with the player, and I hope they have a way to change the track numbers that work. Thanks for all the assistance.

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