Added Cover Art not showing on phone

So this is weird. I've been using mp3tag for awhile now. But one issue I get is if I multiple mp3s in a single folder and change the cover art on a few files - the new cover art shows in mp3tag, VLC, but when I put it on my phone it only shows one of the new covers for all the mp3s I edited.

Are they all pointing at the same tag? is there away to change the name of the tag or what its pointing to?

Its weird because the jpg isn't getting copied over but the mp3s all point to the cover art imbedded in the first mp3 I edited.

Any tips?


You could check if the mobile player relies on the folder.jpg mechanism. The dsiplay then does not point to a single tag but to the external file.
You would have to create a separate folder for each group of files with different embedded pictures.

If a picture does not show up at all, it could be caused by pictures with too big dimensions. Some phones have limitation of something like 600*600 pixels.

Thanks! Its a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It could be the pixel size so I'll check that. I don't think its the folder because I tag it on my laptop and copy the mp3 over without copying any jpegs and it picks just that one image unless the phone some how extracts the embedded image when it copies over.

Or when the player access a file. If you have access to the music folder then check for the folder.jpg file.
Also, you could move files to different folders and see if you get the picture.

hmmm. not seeing folder.jpg in there. I'll check again.

It happens when I copy a cover from google images and paste it to mp3tag. I guess it creates folder.jpg then. I wonder if i would be better if it would create a file with the name using a date-time stamp instead of folder.jpg

You should not drag&drop files from one program to MP3tag but save the picture as a file in the file system and then embed the picture file by selecting it from within mp3tag.
I think that d&d uses the clipboard and that first converts a file to bmp or png and then (perhaps) back to jpg.

I see. I tried that too. Weird thing is that if I tag going through amazon or the other websites it saves the image and shows fine. Is there a different logic going on there?