Adding a 0 to all itunes seasons and episodes

At the moment I have all my itunes video files tagged with one digit numerals.

E.G TV Show - Lost

  TV Season - 6
  TV Episode - 1

How would I add a 0 before the numeral to all my video in one handy action?

That is not possible with mp4.

so I would have to amend each episode tag from 1,2,3,4 to 01,02,03,04 manually?

No, these values are integer values only which cannot have leading zeros.

how about if I wanted to amend all the itunesepisode tags to reflect the season number also.

E.G. Lost - Season 1, Episode 3 = 103

            Season 1, Episode 4 = 104

Bearing in mind that my tags read as follows:

Artist - Lost
Album - Season 1
Track - 3
itunestvshow - Lost
itunesepisode - 3
itunesseason - 1

The reason I ask is that there is a glitch in the 3.0 apple software and episodes of the same TV show, but different season end up in the wrong order on iphone/ ipod touch.
They appear as 011, 021, 012, 021 etc.

The only way around it is to tag the episode with the season number and a 0 prefixing it.

Hope I am making myself clear.

See Tagging TV Shows for iTunes with Mp3tag :slight_smile:

Yes this is what I used to set this up originally.

But the post doesn't answer my questions.

First, make sure that your using the correct field names (it's TVEPISODE and TVSEASON). Have you also added a TVEPISODEID field? If not, I'd create this via an action Format value

Formatstring: LST%tvepisode%S$%tvseason%
Formatstring: LST%tvseason%E$num(%tvepisode%,2)

Great - thanks. Will try that out and get back to you