Adding a additional cover to multiple songs


I have an album with top 100 single charts (mp3) and every song has its own cover which is a problem for my media center (The first found cover is used for every song). So I wanted to add one album cover for all, but without losing the individual single cover.

When I select one song and click add cover, the song has 2 covers -> awesome.
When I select all songs and click add cover, the previous covers were overwritten and only the new one is left.

How can I have one cover for the whole album, which is shown by default and still keep the original.

Do this with an action of the type "Import cover" that imports covers from a predefined filename and tick the option "Keep previous covers".

The pre-defined filename can either be a fixed name like "folder.jpg" or a name that can be deducted from a tag like %album%.jpg.

Thanks, I didn't know the actionsmenu until know. I first exported all single covers, than imported the albumcover and finally the single covers, so that the album cover is first and default.
Now I have everything I asked for. In XBMC the album and every song of it has now the album cover, I guess it's not possible to configure the covers or the mediacenter to use the first cover for the album and all songs use the second.

I am not quite sure ... but I think WMC and WMP are a little schizophrenic: if there is a folder.jpg file then WMP displays this as cover for the album. As soon as you play a track then WMP uses the picture found in the file.
(And WMC is "only" another front end to the WMP machine).

It might be worth experimenting with setting the image type - you can specify whether each image is "front cover", "back cover", "other", "icon", or one of a dozen or so other types.

You can set the type by right clicking the image in MP3Tag (either in the Tag Panel or in Extended Tags), and selecting "Set cover type" from the pop-up menu.

I did some experimenting with WMP a while back, using different settings (WMP versions 9 and 10, so this may have changed). From what I remember, it displays "front cover" if it's present, and "other" if "front cover" isn't present (from memory - it could be the other way round).

You'll probably need to experiment with it, but it sounds like you want your individual images to be the "front cover" and the collection image as "other", or maybe even something like "icon".