Adding a character prefix to autonumbering

I'm wondering if there is any way, when using the auto-numbering wizard, to not just specify a number from which the numbering starts, but also to add an alpha-numeric character string as a prefix?

This would really help in the way I'm trying to number my tracks.

Much appreciate any suggestions.


The field TRACK is defined by the id3 standard to be numeric with the exception of the slash to separate the total number of tracks.
So, adding a character prefix would create non-standard contents.
I don't know whether such a format would cause hicups in players - but it is non-standard.

If you still want to get a character in front, you could try - after you have used the auto-numbering wizard - an action of the type "Format value" for TRACK
Format string: A%track%
to get the letter "A" in front of the number.

Thank you, and definitely agree it would be a dangerous thing to start breaking the standard. :slight_smile:

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