Adding a Custom Action

Hey MP3Tag Forum!

I wrote a post WAY WAY in the past and cannot seem to find it even under my posts. I was hoping the fourm could help me write 3 custom actions once more.

  • TrackNumber - TrackTitle - AlbumArtist - Album
  • TrackNumber-TrackTitle-Artist
  • Switch Artist for Album Artist and Vice Verse

Thanks in advanced!

you have to be a little more specific regarding the purpose of these topics in the list.
The first two look to me as though you either want to import from or export to a filename. (See Convert functions for that)
Do you really want to have two formats with "hyphen only" as separator and with "blank hyphen blank" the other?
Do you need an action or is the converter good enough (has a preview, the action hasn't)

The last looks like an action group to me.
In general:
Format value temp_albumartist with %albumartist%
Format value %albumartist% with %artist%
Format value %artist% with %temp_albumartist%
Delete field %temp_albumartist%

Sorry for not explaining myself better. I did intentionally want one with blank hyphen blank and just one with hyphen. The first two actions would be to rename the files. So if the filename is Aerosmith - Rock On, I want an action to change it to 01 - Rock On - Aerosmith. Hopefully that makes more sense. I will take a look but I used to have an action that converted this file name into my desired format, not the convert menu. I will give your suggestion for the last bullet point a test and see.


create an action of the type "Format value" for _FILENAME
Enter as format string:
%track% - %title% - %albumartist% - %Album%

Something similiar applies to the other format. I bet you can put together the format string yourself now.

Well that a bit embarrassing...I really don't recall it being that easy! lol well thanks! ill try it tonight