Adding a custom tag field (e.g., Country Origin)

Ok, some of You help me very well. An other Question.
In the Comment field I write the country of origin.

Example: Golden Earring - comment field: The Netherlands or NLD
Animals comment field: United Kingdom or UK

Is it possible to adjust this field to, let say Country Origin?

Or is there a other solution?


For V2.3 tags it is possible to create user-defined fields with more or less any name - the disadvantage: hardly any player shows them.

To get a first user-defined field, open the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T)
Click on the "new" button.
Enter the field name, perhaps

Enter the value, e.g. NLD
Click OK until all dialogues are closed.
You can now add that field to the tag panel ( and/or as column ( in the file list.
If you want to copy the contents from the field COMMENT to COUNTRY ORIGIN then try it with
Field: COUNTRY ORIGIN (you have to type it in)
Format string: %comment%

THX. I will create it.


It works great. What a great solution.

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