adding a folder of music to mp3tag


This must have been asked before but I've had no luck searching, so here goes.

If I right click on a folder, the context menu allows me to send it to mp3tag where it is duly opened, and anything that was loaded in mp3tag is discarded, if mp3tag was already running.

What I'd like to be able to do as well is to have a context menu option to add the selected folder to the existing open mp3tag (with whatever files it already has open), so if folder A is already open and I right click folder B and choose add to mp3tag I end up with folders A and B showing. Not sure if this is mp3tag or windows context menu configuration.

I'm actually creating some playlists with 10 random albums, so normal multi selecting of folders then open in one go won't be good in this case. I will be navigating from one end of the music directories to the other. Then once I have my 10 albums loaded into mp3tag I can generate a playlist.


Hold down the Ctrl key as you click on Mp3tag in the context menu and the folder will be added.


I found it works best by pressing ctrl then right click to get context menu and then select mp3tag, then release ctrl.