Adding a New tag Field

Hello. Sorry if this is either obviously simple and I'm having a brain fart but I'm kinda new to MP3Tag and have looked all over for the answer to this question:

How can I create a New Tag Field and actually make it functional? I.e., I want to add a field named "Remix Artist." I was easily able to add it to the columns and the input menu on the left. However, MP#Tag will neither extract an entry into this column from a file name (as it does with other tag fields), nor can I enter any data manually into that column or blank field in the entry menu.

Also, I don't know why there isn't one already, but I'd love to see a Producer field in the mix as well.

Any help here would be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Right-click on a track and select Extended Fields > Add Field and click on the Field drop-down box and you'll see the supported fields.

MIXARTIST is in there. There's not a Producer field but you could probably use INVOLVEDPEOPLE.

Here are the supported tags: Tag fields in Mp3tag

Thanks a bunch, Stanman! Much appreciated.