Adding album art from many subfolders

I have a single folder of Ogg Vorbis audio files, but I would like to add album art from another folder filled with subfolders filled with PNG files. The album art was originally in the same folder as the Oggs, but I wanted to split the album art into folders separately to manage more easily, although the filenames for both are the same. So how can I add the album art this way, please?

Hard to say without concrete examples.
There is an action to import covers from files:

If you define the mandatory filename with an absolute path to get the files

then it should work.
The basic question is: how should MP3tag know which picture file belongs to which ogg file.

Let's say I have two folders, namely:

C:\Users\aaron\Music <-- Oggs go here
C:\Users\aaron\Pictures <-- Albumart goes here

C:\Users\aaron\Music is a single folder filled with Oggs

The Pictures folder has several subfolders with Albumart, and the general layout is:

Music1.ogg (file)
Music2.ogg (file)

Pics1 (folder)
Music1.png (file)
Pics2 (folder)
Music2.png (file)

Can Mp3tag do a search of subfolders to find the matching filename for the album art?

You can use a filename like
which would import a png from the folder pics1 where both filenames (except the extension) are the same.
If no match is found, then no picture is imported.
So you can easily us a second action for the Pics2 folder.

I've used this feature before and it's been quite helpful, but I was only able to use it one at a time for each folder I wanted to attach album art to.

Can I add a list of commands like the one you showed so it can do them all one after the other, like a batch process?

See the help on actions, esp. action groups:

I would also filter for the files that have not yet got a cover with
%_covers% MISSING

This will help, if what you are saying is the file names for the audio and album art files match. The only challenge that may need manual intervention will be if you have any duplicate album names. Greatest Hits are the most common ones, but there are many others.

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