Adding album art to FLAC files very slow?


I have used the functionality to add album art to flac tags and that works very well, but it is extremely slow. It seems as mp3tag rewrites the whole FLAC file just to add the album art tag. Is this really necessary? It takes several minutes to tag a FLAC album with album art. With mp3 it just takes a few seconds...

Btw, what an awesome tool this is!



flac files usually are much bigger than mp3 files so of course it takes longer.


Ok, so even mp3 files are rewritten when album art is inserted?

Would have been nice if the album art metadata could just be appended to the file, but if that is not possible then I will have to live with it.


This is not possible because ID3v2 tags are always written at the beginning of the file (except for ID3v2.4 which can also be written at the end, but there is currently almost no software or hardware which supports such tags, except for Frontah).