Adding an Mp3tag Icon To The Windows Explorer Context Menu Shortcut

Hello. I've been happily using Mp3tag for several years to manage my music collection. I think it's a great program, the epitome of quality freeware. In fact, I'm so appreciative for Mp3tag that I donated. Humbly I'd like to make a suggestion: I think that adding the Mp3tag icon to the left of "Mp3tag" in the Windows Explorer Context Menu, while strictly a cosmetic change, would not only look cool but would also make it easier to find "Mp3tag" in a sea of right-click options. Just an idea, and thanks again to Florian for his awesome software.

I'd prefer not to have one.

In the topmost section of the Windows Explorer context menu where 'Mp3tag' appears, none of the other entries on my system have icons. It would stand out too much, and I do use many of the other entries on a regular basis.

What helps a lot is to clean up the context menu and remove any entries that you don't use. This can be done fairly easily in the registry.

Hey, could you point out where that is? I have a lot of stuff in my context menus that I just don't'd be nice to whittle it down to the useful ones.

Try this utility

Thanks for that, Oblio. But I think I'd rather edit the registry entry directly, rather than rely on a separate program to do it. I just don't know where the context menu options are defined.

That's exactly why I'd like one, JJ Johnson, because it would stand out, and my context menu is already clean and reasonably customized. But, to each their own, I reckon :wink: . I'll search about and see if it's possible to add an icon myself and, if I find a solution, I'll post it here for others interested.

A couple hours of my life later but no success. If anyone could point me to a solution I'd be much obliged. Thanks.

Relatively new, and IMO better chance: CCleaner > Tools > Auto runnings > Local menu