Adding another tag field's info to filename

hi guys :slight_smile:, I've been searching to do this.

I want to include/add another tag fields info to the filename. Actually i wanna add 2 tag field's info to the filename and want to use "_" as a string separator.

For eg : if i want the Bitrate & Lenght info added before the filename like :

How would you do this ? ?

If you want to append the existing filenames with the fields LENGTH and BITRATE in a one-off go the I suggest the following:
Use Convert>Tag-Filename
enter as mask:


Run once as otherwise you would add bitrate and length each time you run it.

Convetrer - Tag-Filename
String: %bitrate%%length%%_filename%

Be aware of that you won't get a colon in the length-part of the filename because that's a not allowed character in filenames.

@ ohrenkino
thnx brother for responding but i tried ur way & its not showing correctly in the preview .. but ur method works perfectly for other tag fields.


@ poster
it happened perfectly with ur method . . really appreciate ur response. .

can u guys also tell me how to save this thing as action ??

Use poster's string and create an action of the type "format value" for _FILENAME.

Thnx bro . . works like a charm :slight_smile: