Adding art to files with varied covers

I’m looking to add common artwork to files with existing artwork that varies, e.g., appending

  • the front and back of a box set to all discs therein
  • an artist picture or logo to all their releases

while preserving existing art. Is there any way to do this?


You can add as many pictures as you want.
One way to do that (and check if it works for you):

Load an existing song with a cover into Mp3tag.
Drag & Drop another picture into the cover art part (usually lower left corner of the tag panel).
Right click on it an choose "Set cover type".
Choose the type according to your picture.
Save it with CTRL + S.
Exit Mp3tag and start it again. Load this song again and check if you can see
under the cover. This arrows allow you to scroll between the various embedded covers.

If this work as expected, you can repeat it for an entire album.
Just select all songs for your album first and do the same steps again.

Thanks, but I’m trying to append artwork to tracks with existing—and specifically varied—artwork. For instance, I have a Depeche Mode boxset: It contains 18 albums; every album has its own front cover, back cover, and disk art already embedded. Now I just want to add the front and back of the outer box (that’s common to the entire set) while preserving all the existing art specific to each album.

Do you want to add the new box front- and back-cover at first position to all your tracks?
If not, you can add it as I wrote above, album per album (with the same existing covers already embedded).

There is no way (AFAIK) to load 18 albums with individual albums embedded and add the same new cover additonally to all this 18 albums at once.

I want to append the box front and back to the last art position for all tracks. Yeah, I’m aware I can add them album per album, but that’s inconvenient. So maybe this is a suggestion for future versions of the software. The other foreseeable utility of this would be to add a record label logo to all tracks with a common record label or a common artist image to all tracks with a common artist.

You can do that with an action of the type "Add cover from file".

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I didn't know that yet, that the action "Import cover from file" can additionally add covers.

But you can only add one picture at once (not *.jpg to add all existing covers in the same folder, for example), right?
And they will always be added at the last position, right?

Well, this is obvious because there is an option "Delete existing coverart", which has to be activated for not adding the coverart to the existing.

Right. To use the wildcard "*" is possible but the action will take only the first alphabetical matching file in the folder.

In practice, you can of course circumvent the limitation to 1 file with an adapted workflow. For example, you can simply create an action group with several actions that add various existing images in one go, i.e.
Format strings for image filename:
%albumartist% - %album% - Front.jpg
%albumartist% - %album% - Back.jpg
%albumartist% - %album% - Artist.jpg

The mentionend goal of the OP (add cover art to different albums with preserving the existing) can be achieved.

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Thanks for clarifying.
Yes, the goal of the OP can be achieved, as long as it doesn't matter that the new covers will be added at the last position. If you want to add a front cover picture at the first position - ahead of all already existing embedded covers, this would only be possible with an export of all existing covers, then delete them all and then re-import it in the wanted position, right?

Thank you. I hadn’t utilized the “import cover from file” action yet. I was always just dragging and dropping covers and then right clicking and assigning them. This is a game-changer, for sure. Much appreciated.

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