Adding artist name to album name

Hi all

Im wondering if this is possible.

I want to copy the "artist" field to the beginning of the "Album" filed, to look like this Adele - 19, as some sort of job command. Obviously i can open each album and add this manually and save it, but as i have around 800 albums this will take some time. Just wondered if there was a quick way to do it.

Each album is stored in the following directory manor

Album Artist


If an artist has multiple albums then they are all within the one album artist folder. Hope this makes sense, and hope this can be done. Many thanks

HAve a look at the FAqs
Instead of %comment% - xyz as in the FAQ enter
%artist% - %album%

Thanks ohrenkino

That looks like exactly what i want, although i have no idea what its on about. Will experiment as very new to this. Thanks again


You are an absolute star. Works a treat and does exactly what i need. Thank you so much.