Adding artists/songs to mp3 file

Good morning, i have recently acquired a cassette converter, which i hope will load all my cassette mixes onto mp3. I have generated my first mp3 file which has various artists and songs but i am struggling to add the name of each artist and song to this file and need some help! To surmise there are numerous artist/songs on this file and i would like to attach each and every one to this mp3 file. Can this be done? Many thanks Nigel

I think the first thing would be to split your cassette-file into tracks.
It does not make any sense to me to keep a cassette-file as a whole and add numerous artists and songs to it.

Not straight forward as the contents of the cassette tape has been mixed so there is no defined gap between songs, I just want a record of roughly which artists and songs are on each mix tape.

.... it is possible for some players to play tracks seamlessly.

About the handling of MP3tag:
Select all the files that should get the same data.
Enter the data of the common fields in the tag panel (these would probably be ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, ALBUM, YEAR).
Press Ctrl-S or click the "Save" button in the tag panel.
The modification now get written to the file.
Now turn to the files list and enter the individual data in the corresponding column. (These would probably be TITLE and perhaps TRACK and GENRE).

As these are your own mixes, enter a name of your liking in ALBUMARTIST (perhaps "Nigel") and a made-up name for the ALBUM (perhaps "Nigel's Mixes Vol.1").
In ARTIST enter a list of all the individual artists, perhaps separated by a ;
In TITLE enter a list of all titles, perhaps also separated by a ; unless that is part of the ordinary data.

Ok, will give it a go. thanks for your help