Adding Artwork On Condition Only

I need advice please on artwork.
I have folders organized artist/album/flac files

All of the album folders have jpeg artwork.
About 50% of my flac files already have artwork embedded into them.
The other 50% does not have any artwork embedded.
I have a simple action to import artwork, resize it and embed it in flac files.

What I need help with is to create an action that will import and embed artwork ONLY IF there is no artwork already embedded.
Where I already have artwork embedded in a FLAC file I don't want to overwrite it with the jpeg art in the folder. I only want Mp3tag to import and embed artwork for files that do not have any artwork embedded.

Advice on how to create this type of action is most appreciated.

Keep it simple.
Filter for files that have no cover
%_covers% MISSING
Then apply your action on the filtered files.


Brilliant -- worked perfectly! Thank you!

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