Adding column "key" that will be read in other softwares

Hello there!

I just want to ask you guys, how can I add column "key" that will be read in other softwares?
I mean, its not just to create a column and write on mp3tag the key of a song (ex: C, D, E minor, etc), it has to make it be read by other softwares. How can I do that?


As key is no standard field (and even the standard fields are not displayed by every software) you have to find workarounds ...
... e.g. misuse a standard field like comment for that.
... add the information to a standard field (e.g. title)
... use a player that can show user-defined fields (like foobar2000).

It would be useful if you have a media file that already contains such a "key" information.
Then you only need to look up in the Mp3tag dialog "Extended Tags..." whether Mp3tag can detect this tag-field and how this tag-field is named in Mp3tag.


Thanks ohrenkino

In response to my user response from above, which I consider as a reasonable way to help someone to solve his problem in usage of Mp3tag for interaction with other applications, I got this personal response:

Well, this is the first offense of this quality which reached me in about the last decade as being a forum member.
What can I say?
There is always the task for the help seeker, to decide how to deal with the supplied help.
If someone do not know, however, to use the provided help correctly, then one has drawn the short straw.
Marcelo Neri, you have lost a Mp3tag friend, please do not ask and do not read any assistance from me, never ever.


Mr. DetlevD:

You never were my friend. I never asked you any assistence or anything. We should kept this talk in private, but it seems you dont understand it.
This talk ends here.

I sincerely hope you understand this time.

By the way:

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