Adding cover art always changes title to first track of CD

i'm on the 7 day trial and loving what i've been able to do in the first hour. i have done a few small batches with NO problems. but, now, as i continue to add cover art, when i save, the tag in the Title field renames to the first track title of the CD in Discogs. ??? filename stays the same. i'm stumped. i don't think i made any changes in procedure. please help a newbie. i will buy this great looking program if i can find out what i'm doing wrong. thanks.

Hi and welcome!

From what I understand, you're using the Disocgs Tag Source to add cover art. At the moment, there is no way of using the Tag Source to only add cover art — it always also includes the tag data. Except if you deactivate all the checkboxes for the fields, but then the existing tag contents are also removed.

Maybe you can use the drag & drop feature to add cover art? For example, you can search for the cover using DuckDuckGo Images or directly on the Discogs site and simply drag the cover to the cover window in Mp3tag. This way, only the cover is changed. There is also the option to add a local cover art file via the right-click context menu of the cover window.

I plan to add cover-only Tag Sources and the ability to merge Tag Source search results with a future version of Mp3tag. It's already on my list!

Happy you like Mp3tag :slight_smile:

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Floian - thanks for the prompt reply. the strange thing is i did add album art to several hundred files using this procedure. filename and title information were syncing up nicely.

then, it started adding the first title of the Discogs or MusicBrainz listed CD tracks as the Title of the file i was adding artwork to.

why, if the tag data in Discogs is correct, i've chosen the correct track from the listed tracks along with the art work, does the saving process revert the saved tag title to track #1 on the CD?

your suggestion of grabbing artwork and pulling it into Mp3tag does work. it just seems a bit awkward for a program designed to add album work to tags.

thank you for your assistance.

I think I'm starting to understand :slight_smile: You're not trying to import the information of the first track of a CD but select, e.g., the 2nd or 5th track from the Discogs result.

You'd then need to move the file to match the correct entry from the search result via drag & drop:

Is this what you mean?

yes. i've been trying to match the album cover art to the tag for the #3 or #6 track on the CD and the process kept replacing the Title file tag with the Title of the #1 track on the CD. but, you have shown me the way! and, for bulk loading artwork for an entire album, your drag and drop suggestion works very well. thanks!

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