Adding cover art

Hello --- I was editing FLAC files and I added cover image and saved the files --- when I play the files in vlc, the cover image did not show --- what did I miss? Thanks

Do you see no coverart at all or do you only see the wrong coverart?
If you see the wrong coverart:
You have to delete the referring content of VLCs cachefolder in

If you don't see the coverart at all:
Have a look if you really saved the coverart. Define a column with the name "Coverart" an the value %_covers%.

If you have a cover saved:
How large is the cover?
What kind of tag do you see in the header of the extended tagview (ALT-t). Is it "FLAC (FLAC)" or is it something else?

thanks for the info --- I add the column in vlc "cover" and I see it there --- once the track plays the cover art then is displayed ---- also, the cover does show up in itunes -- I guest it is a vlc quirk

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