Adding Cover Problem

Happens on last two versions. After a few albums, when tries to save last track, process freezes and will not finish. Even after killing process, cannot reopen MP3tag or uninstall. When checking covers, last track is only one where cover was not written.

Does this happen always to the "last" file?
What kind of files are we talking about? MP3? FLAC? Wav?
If the files are MP3 files, could you check the files for consitstency with the linked utilities:

Where are the files stored? Locally or on a NAS?
Which other programs access these files while you modify them?

They are Mp3 files that I rip with Media Monkey. No, doesn’t happen every time on last file, every 4th or 5th album, but always on last file. Files are stored locally. No other programs are running or accessing the files. I will run the tools to check for errors and get back to you. Sorry I didn’t do that first. It’s just odd that it happens on the last file no matter how many files there are on an album. Thanks.