Adding Custom Info to UNSYNCEDLYRICS & Centering Script

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I've been playing around with this script that stevehero made and I got it the way I want it for the most part:

$regexp($trim(%unsyncedlyrics%),^(...||) \s (.+)\s*$,$1[%title%\n][%artist%\n\n\n]$2\n\n\n\n$if(%author%,%author%,"MUSIC from Joe"))

How do I center/justify/put in the middle the "title", "author", and "MUSIC from Joe" in the UNSYNCEDLYRICS section.

Also, what arguments/string/script etc. can I add so it doesn't add a second time. If "title", "author", and "MUSIC from Joe" already exists how do I prevent it from writing it a second time?

Thank you for taking the time to read my question. Hope you can help me with it :slight_smile:

"Center", "Middle" of what? What would be the middle position?

E.g. WMP already displays lyrics center-aligned in respect to the absolute character count.
Adding leading spaces or something like that would lead to strange alignments.

Hi ohrenkino :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn't clarify....
In the UNSYNCEDLYRICS display area after I run the script the title, author, (top) and "MUSIC from Joe" (bottom) is displayed on the left. I want it to be centered.

I was wondering if there is an argument I have to add to center "MUSIC from Joe" instead of having it on the left side.

What I try to put forward:
The only way I could think of to indent any line in the field UNSYNCEDLYRICS is to add leading spaces.
The number of spaces would be calculated by (<length of line> - <length of lyrics string>) divided by 2.
The result would be fixed and not dynamic.
You did not specify the <length of line>.
And you will probably not be able to do so as this value depends on the width of the text box for UNSYNCEDLYRICS.

You can modify the action that adds "MUSIC from Joe" to a string that shows "_____MUSIC from Joe`" (where the _ is a space character)

ok. thanks ohrenkino.

Looking at the script, how do I add "by" before artist in UNSYNCEDLYRICS section.
I want it to read at the top after the title: "by The Beach Boys"

$regexp($trim(%unsyncedlyrics%),^(...||) \s (.+)\s*$,$1[%title%\n][by %artist%\n\n\n]$2\n\n\n\n$if(%author%,%author%,"MUSIC from Joe"))