Adding default input fields to Tag Panel

The documentation hints that it's possible to add (default) input fields to the Tag Panel but it says nothing about how it's done.

I'm not able to figure it out.

Anyone with ideas?

Go to Tools > Options > Tag Panel. Click the 'Add field...' button and define your field. 'Field:' is the metadata field name (e.g. COMPILATION) and 'Name:' is the label that you see above the field in the Tag Panel. You have the option to create a multiline edit box.

Many thanks JJ. That does it nicely. Is there a way of assigning a default value to it? I'm adding the field COMPILATION and it'd be nice to have it default to 0. Mind you, in this case, perhaps a blank value does the same thing?

Read there ...


Thanks very much!

Apparently not. I have 10 different custom fields set up in the Tag Panel and haven't yet seen a need for a default value for any of them.

With the COMPILATION field, particularly in Mp3s, you typically either set it to 1 or you remove the field rather than setting it to 0 for non-compilations.