Adding Delete Function when Moving Files

When using the Move function to relocate files to a target folder and eliminste duplicate files across multiple folders, when the program sees identicsl file name in source and target folder, it allows the user to select which file to keep. If the file from source folder is unchecked, the file is retained in the source folder...could you pls add an optional function that would perform batch deletion on these unselected duplicate files .

The files should be at their original places.
You can select them in MP3tag and delete them either from the files list or from the file system in an extra step.

I still wonder why one would first want to move files to a new location and then not do it because the files are already there with the same name.
For me this would be an indication that either the naming scheme is not correct or that the allegedly same files have to be compared to find out which one to keep.
If they are really the same, the existing files could simply get overwritten.