Adding Disc Numbers to Windows Explorer "Disc" Field

I'm new to MP3Tag and have a specific need related to adding disc numbers to the "Disc" field in Windows Explorer. Disc numbers are typically found in the "Part of a Set" field. I need to have the disc numbers added to the "Disc" field. Otherwise, my multi-disc albums continued to not be properly sorted in JRiver Media Center when I use JRemote for remote playback. My music is displayed as:

1 Title (disk 1_track1)
1 Title (disk 2_track 1)
1 Title (disk 3_track 1)
2 Title (disk 1_track 2)
2 Title (disk 2_track 2)
2 Title (disk 3_track 2), etc.

I have been advised that if I can add the disc number to the Disc field in Windows Explorer, then my tracks on multi-disc albums will sort properly in JRiver Media Center.

Any guidance on how to do that using MP3Tag?

Try Convert>Filename-Tag
%dummy%disk %discnumber%_%dummy%