Adding Dot

Quick question.

I have a multiple Tracks, where dot is removed.
For example I.M.T.B has become IMTB, S.A.D has transformed to SAD, J.K. was transformed to JK, etc...

Is there anyway to add those Dots back with some kind of scripting, but keep roman numbers as they actually are.
Only thing that distinguishes those are, that all letters are in Capital then.

Or At least Some whay, to "filter" all such files out so i could do changes manually...
Actually somekind of "search" option would be even more prefferred,a s there is actually no certain way, to add it back automatically.

As language and especially naming is not logical, I would think, that it is much easier to filter for artists in capitals
%artist% MATCHES [A-Z][A-Z]
and then do, if there are more of these, either a replace of a single name or select the files and enter the name of the artist directly.
In the end you will find that there are just as many exceptions as there are matches that any kind of automatism does not really help.

Yeah, I figured that out already, and restated my first post.

Many Thanks...but it doesnt seem to work... :rolleyes:
As it seems MP3Tag regex just ignores capital letters and most artist names contain letters from A to Z.

%artist% MATCHES (?-i)\u\u seems to work if there is 2 Capital Letters
%artist% MATCHES (?-i)\u\u\u works if there is 3 Capital Letters and so on.


Probably it would wise to use %_tag% instead of Artist as sometimes, Title field has similar artist as Mix producer.