Adding file type or bit rate to Folder name (IF function)

Hi. I'm a new user to MP3Tag and I'm trying to figure out how to rename my folders a certain way. I've created an action with the default value of "_DIRECTORY" and then trying to use a format string for the naming convention.

Basically what I want to do is have the folder name be "Year - Album [FLAC or Bitrate)

I want to do this so that if the file is FLAC, it obviously shows FLAC. But if it's an MP3, I want it to show the bitrate. So I'm assuming this is done using an IF function, but I can't get it right. I've played around with a bunch of variations (few below) but I keep getting errors and I'm obviously not a coder. :slight_smile:

I based this off the $if(x,y,z) if x is true, y is returned, otherwise z

%year% - %album% $if(%_extension%=flac,%_extention,%_bitrate%)

%year% - %album% $if(%_extension%=flac,FLAC,%_bitrate%)

%year% - %album% $if($eql(%_extension% IS 'flac'),%_extention,%bitrate%)

%year% - %album% $if($eql(%_extension%, 'flac'),FLAC,%bitrate%)

I can get Year - Album [%_extention] to work perfectly, but I'm lost of the IF statement and can't get it work. Is this even possible? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


THis is almost right

%year% - %album% $if($eql(%_extension%,flac),FLAC,%_bitrate%)

Wow, that was fast. THANK YOU so much!! And this is why I stick to graphics and not coding :smiley:

You're the man.

Here is what I ended up with.

%year% - %album% $if($eql(%_extension%,flac),'(FLAC)','('%_bitrate%'kbps)')

Example of what you the outcome is:

1994 - The Downward Spiral (FLAC)
1994 - The Downward Spiral (320kbps)