Adding filters to actions

Hello there, I am fairly new to using this software but can already see it's power. One thing I have noticed though is that it would be extremely useful if a filter could be added to an action, rather than having to remember or select a filter used previously in a specific scenario. Have you previously considered it and is it likely to be implemented?

In general, MP3tag knows only the current file to be treated by an action. There is no comparison between this one and possible other files.
If a filter could be applied by an action it would be applied to the current file - which then could lead to the effect that the current file would disappear from a list - and you would perhaps get error that there is no file to be treated.
The current implementation, BTW, does not allow to apply an action if there is no file selected and no file to be selected - as no file matches the criteria.
The only way around is to either write a lot of $IF statements which are fairly hard to maintain - or use the far superior function of the filter that tells you if you got the criteria right immediately and not after the unsuccessful treatment of numerous files (which also may be misleading because you think that you treated the files but in fact none or far fewer than expected have).
But there have been so many changes in the recent time. Perhaps this feature is long planned.

What you say is true, this wouldn't work with the current implementation and there have been lots of changes.

However, I would imagine that this could be implemented. If a filter was added to an action, which functioned the same as the filter implementation currently featuring at the bottom, this could be detected and bring up a prompt to ask what folder(s) it should be applied to and then run the remainder of the action.