Adding genre to a file group

Hello, does anyone know a way or if it's possible to add a genre to a group of files? In other words, i have a large group of files that are of different genres. I would like to add a genre to each of these files. The genre to be added is the same for all files. So i am wanting to preserve the existing genres, but add a new genre to each file. I hope that makes sense. Here's an example that may help. Three files are genre tagged as such; file 1 (Rock; Pop), file 2; (Rock; Blues, Pop), file 3; (Jazz; Pop). I would like to add 'Live' to each file while preserving the existing tags. So i end up with this: file 1 (Rock; Pop; Live), file 2 (Rock; Blues; Pop; Live), etc. ect. I am looking to perform a batch edit, as there are so many files to edit it would take months to edit each file one by one (as i have started to do, and am a couple months of time into it already).

Thanks Tom

Try Converter > Tag-Tag for Genre
Format string: %genre%, Live

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ohernkino, Thank you! worked like a charm. I had no idea. Appreciate the help very much, T

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