Adding Icon to Right-Click Context Menu?

Is there any way to add an icon to the right click menu?

I doubt that there's a MP3Tag option, but is there a "Windows Way"?

I searched the registry to see if I could work out the process, but didn't get very far

Here is a link to the procedure, which I have not tried:

There are also freeware context menu editors which might help, again not tried by me:

Please let us know what happens.

Thanks, but no joy -- I couldn't find a registry entry for MP3TagShell that was close to the examples. The context editing program didn't show MP3Tag as a choice

Maybe Win10 is different about where it stores things

Any more ideas??

I'm not familiar with Win 10 at all but for compatibility reasons I would expect the registry keys to be the same.

It appears that there is no "one size fits all" solution for adding icons to the Explorer context menu. Perhaps Florian will consider adding one. I use that menu item often myself and an icon would be easier to spot within what can be a long list.



Very nice -- thanks