adding id3 on mp4 / m4a


i'm trying to find software to add an id3 tag to m4a/mp4 files
Nokia phones for some reason, only read id3v1 tags
Even on m4a/mp4 files they require id3 tags.
I have files made with eac/nero that are m4a, with m4a tags
I would like to copy these tags to id3
I cannot find any automated way of doing it!
There is one piece of software, tag.exe that i'm looking at.
Is there anyway you can support this in your software?

i.e. copying mp4 / m4a tag to id3 tag on same file?


Hi Ben,

ID3 is not a valid tag format for MP4 files so it won't be supported by Mp3tag.

Kind regards,


What about calling it "a special Nokia Tag", for Nokia phones only? :slight_smile:

It would be really kewl to have an option to convert mp4 tags to that "Nokia Tag", all nokia phone users (including me :slight_smile: ) will certainly love it! Now I have to use MP3 instead of AAC-MP4 due to this infamous tagging problem - the built-in player only recognises tags written by Nokia Music Manager. I'm not exactly sure it is an ID3 format, so it may be safe to call it "Nokia Tag" with a possible compatibility warning (foobar2000 doesn't recognise "Nokia Tag" and Winamp does successfully recognise).

There is some code for implementing "Nokia Tag": Nokia MP4 tag

And of course, there is a lot of demand for that feature:
How to add ID3 tags to mp4?
Nokia sigh

Thanks for the Mp3tag program!

Edit. Nokia Music Manager is a part of free Nokia PC suite software. Also, I will readily provide Nokia-tagged short samples or test the feature on my phone.


all nokia phone users (including me :wink: ) will certainly love it!

I have to say that this Nokia user would be disappointed to see Mp3tag dev effort expended in supporting a tag format proprietary to a single manufacturer. Especially since one would hope this manufacturer will soon realise its mistake and switch to a standard format.