adding isrc codes


I'm a new user of Mp3tag and run a small independent lable that produces a lot of original music. I'm wondering if someone could give me a suggestion for how to easily add isrc codes to my mp3s. Can I change the format of the tags panel to include an isrc field? Or do I need to type in the isrc metadata for each mp3 by opening the tag menu for each file I select? Since the isrc code will be different for each file, this could be very time consuming...



Hello mtmatthew!

As always there are several options :slight_smile:

You can add a new column "ISRC" to the file view via View, Columns... for the field %isrc% and enter the data directly in Mp3tag's file view (by clicking on the items' column like renaming files in Windows Explorer).

The other option is to import the ISRC data from a file. There must be one ISRC code per line and the order of the ISRC codes in the file has to match the order of the files in Mp3tag's file view. You can use the converter Taglist-File - Tag with a formatstring like %isrc% for that.

Hope that helps.

Best regards,
~ Florian

So, also being new to your application, I had figured out the above (create the column and manually add ISRC but how to I check the file? While I do a save and I see the app saves what is a good validation to prove my mp3 file really has the new data I have entered.
Yes, I click on it and mp3tag sees it but that some how is not convincing. I mean it seems that the more data I add to the mp3 the file should be getting slightly bigger and should be available for validating(?)

Not necessarily. Tags are saved with a little padding - which makes saving quicker. So, as long as you do not exceed the padding you see hardly any change in the file size.

If MP3tag shows you the data then you can be pretty sure that the data is stored in the tag. Believe me.

ok sounds good, I just want to make sure that whatever benefit the isrc code offers I am getting it.