Adding iTunes Podcast related tags in a batch

I have several hundred podcasts that I would like to add the iTunes podcast related tags to properly file them in iTunes. I have the related text in html files downloaded from the source website.

I've done some searching on the forums, but I haven't found anything directly applicable.

Could I be pointed at the correct documentation that would help me?

(Can the data be imported via a single file or do I have to create a "tag" file per file?)
(How does the newlines in PODCASTDESC effect the import?)

Thank you in advance

have a look at this thread:
iTunes metadata

If you want to import data you have to supply data that has a single line per record. One record describes the contents of of all fields for one file.
So youhave to replace the line breaks with something that does not break the line (e.g. the underscore) prior to import.

The import works for multiple files and applies the the data from the first record to the first file in a selection, the second to the second file and so on.
You only have to take care that the data in the text file matches the order of files in the selection.

I've never used it, but you can import tags from a text file using one of the converters:

So you first need to get your data into a text file rather than HTML. It's apparently capable of tagging multiple files, with the data matching up one line per file. I would assume that the matchup would be done in the same order as the files you've selected in Mp3tag. Newlines would pose a problem, but you could probably work around it by replacing newlines in your text file with some unusual character, and then replace the character in Mp3tag after you've imported the data.

  • As with most things in Mp3tag that you're unfamiliar with, test this first on a handful of files, and keep backups of those files for when (not if) something goes wrong.