Adding Key to file name gets gibberish


"C:\New-Music\2022-10\Yomanda-You're Free-James Hurr Remix-Dance - 4A - 125.m4a" ->
"C:\New-Music\2022-10\01 - Yomanda - You're Free (James Hurr Remix) - eyJrZXkiOiI0QSIsInNvdXJjZSI6Im1peGVkaW5rZXkiLCJhbGdvcml0aG0iOjk0fQ== - 00125 BPM.m4a"

"C:\New-Music\2022-10\Yomanda-You're Free-James Hurr Remix Edit-Dance - 4A - 125.m4a" ->
"C:\New-Music\2022-10\02 - Yomanda - You're Free (James Hurr Remix Edit) - eyJrZXkiOiI0QSIsInNvdXJjZSI6Im1peGVkaW5rZXkiLCJhbGdvcml0aG0iOjk0fQ== - 00125 BPM.m4a"

However the key is set correctly

Even if I simplify the format string down to

%artist% - %title% - %key% - %BPM%

I get the same issue.

Please show the extended tags dialogue Alt-T for such a file.

I think that the proper name for the field is INITIALKEY.

Perfect, thanks for that, what's weird is that it was working, then didn't!

Initial key works great, many thanks.

So,, what did the extended tags dialogue show?
I mean, usually computer programs don't make up data but get the information from somewhere.
So, I assume that you have a field KEY with strange data in it.


Strange thing is, I'd been using the same process for some months.

Yet, it shows that the data you see is no Gibberish but accurately that what is stored in the field KEY.
Perhaps you clean up the tag fields and delete those that you don't need.

Do you use one of the many Serato DJ Tools?

It could be that this software creates the MARKER and KEY-tags:

Looks like similar "gibberish" data is in the fields CUEPOINTS, ENERGY, KEY, MARKERS, and MARKERSV2 that are at least visible on this screenshot. Possibly others before CUEPOINTS and after TRACK exist as well? Some program like Serato or other DJ software (I'm guessing, given the field names) has written these.

Yeah I suspect so. The Strange thing is the process worked fine for ages, then suddenly stopped. I expected to see something in the release notes about key/initial key etc, but couldn't see anything

Just to make that clear: KEY is a user-defined field, only INITIALKEY is a standard field.
Nothing has changed in MP3tag in that respect.

Ah I need to check that then as I was using Key at the beginning, I'll have to work out which bit of the process changed key from 4a to the long string.

Perhaps it started here:

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Yeah it was working then, thanks for all the support and help, knowing about alt-t means I can look it up for myself and check now too!

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