Adding Leading Zeros to File, Album & Directory Names

Hello everyone,

If I wanted to locate and rename file & album names which include 1-9 in the title for song numbers and albums with many discs, how would I first filter to show only those and secondly, add leading zeros without messing up the remainder of the file/album/directory names?

I look forward to receiving your reply, thank you in advance.

You can filter for fields with a single number with
%fieldname% MATCHES \d
To rename files and folders it is advisable to get the data in the tag fields correct and then rename the files. Please note that a number of characters are invalid for filenames or folders.
You can rename files and folders with actions of the type "Format value" or the functions in the Convert menu.

Thank you for your reply. Let's use an example, there are two that I can think of. The first is Now That's What I Call Music.

I changed the track names so that they include the track number with no leading zero, then the song name, followed by the artist name in brackets. I then change the artist name in the artist and artists field from the true artist to Now That's What I Call Music because when I haven't done this in the past it has messed up my folder structure in Windows Media Player.

In this example, I would like to add a leading zero to the file name without adding a leading zero to the track number. I would also like to make sure that Vol. 02 appears this way, if it doesn't have a leading zero then one should be added. At the same time, I would need to avoid adding a leading zero to the Disc number. The same would apply to the directory.

Once this has been figured out I will mention the second example.

Thanks for your help.

You can create a new filename (without touching the data in the tag fields) with:
Format string: $num(%track%,2)_%title%
(I would recommend a character other than the space character to separate the fields, e.g. the underscore. If you do not like it, the use whatever you want)

Thanks for your reply, going back a step to get the filter right, how do I filter for 1-9?

Take the filename for example, how do I make it match files with 1-9?

Have you tried it?
I mean: typing your post takes longer than testing it in MP3tag.

Yes I did try it first, it came up with no results when there were loads of files with 1-9 in the filename.

Trying %_FILENAME% MATCHES 0\d instead brought up more likely results but also numbers from 10+ and not all tracks numbered 1-9 in the filename.

Considering that there are 182 discs, there should be 1,638 tracks found with the filter.

If you want to filter for a number at the beginning, use
..... MATCHES "^\d"
If you want to filter for a single number at the beginning which is followed by a space character, use
..... MATCHES "^\d "
the dots stand for the fieldname.
All this and more is revealed in the help

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Thank you, %_FILENAME% MATCHES "^\d " works well. I will go back to testing.

That works well.


Format value

Format string
$num(%track%,2) %title%

Is it possible to filter by a number of words, which are listed and case sensitive? For example, I want to check that words such as 'the', to' and 'at' are lower case so I would like to find any which are upper case 'The', 'To' and 'At' so that I can correct it.

%title% MATCHES "(?-i) The"
filters for " The"

Brilliant, thank you. Is it possible to combine several so it searches for one or more like the examples I listed within one filter query?

see the help on the filter options:
(which I linked before)
Have a look at the descriptions for AND, OR and NOT