Adding lyrics automatically for a whole album

I have made the field called unsyncedlyrics, but it looks like it is only usable manually? Is it not possible to auto download lyrics in mp3tag for each file?

There are web source scripts available to look for lyrics:

But they work on a track-by-track basis.

Foobar2000 has plug-ins for lyrics that look for all the selected files in 1 go and some also find synchronized lyrics.

All of these references are over a decade old. I did try one website which wasn't working, but there is continual talk of 'scripts'? What do I do with a script and which one still works as I see many people stating most don't anymore?

As you want to get the lyrics for a whole album and not for a single track I doubt that you will find a script. The age of the scripts does not matter if the target sites have not changed.
Occasionally, I use a script for musicmatch which works most of the times.

OK thanks all, and thanks again cos I need 20 characters

I found an old program called Foobar and have had good results with that so far :slight_smile: