Adding mp4 tag fields


Apologies if this has been asked. I searched the forum but couldn't find an existing post. If there is one please provide the link.

I have a bunch of movies and TV shows in mp4 that I want to metadata to. I came across this page: that shows the mp4 exclusive fields. I only see the music fields by default in mp3tag so my question is do these have to be added or do I simply have to enable some option in mp3tag to make them show?

If they have to be added then:

  1. What do I put in for "Name", "Value", "Field" in "Customize Columns > New"?
  2. What is "Show Movement"?
  3. What is "TV Episode ID"? Is this IMDB specific or is it one of the other ID DBs or something else?
  4. These fields seem specific to TV shows so can "ID" also be used for movies or are there other fields for that?
  5. Is there a standard movie/tv show description field that can be added?

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

you can see the fields (their names and the contents) in the extended tags (Alt-T) dialogue.
See the help on columns how to add further, user-defined ones:

Use the information about the names from the extended tags dialogue to create your own user-defined columns.
If you want to edit the fields, put the name in both "field" and "value".

Thanks for this ohrenkino! I loaded up one of the mp4's and did "Alt-T" which brought up a separate window but the only fields showing are "Title" and "Cover". These are the only fields I populated in the file because all of the other fields are music related.

Am I doing something wrong? Should the mp4 related fields appear when I do "Alt-T" or do I have to add in the additional fields manually?

I attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing.


OK, so apparently the source does not supply a lot of information.
If you want to create columns that feature a field from the list that you already found then use the arrow button to select the appropriate field name from the list.

Alternatively, you can add fields manually in the extended tags dialogue.

Thanks! I will give this a try.