Adding numerals to filenames to differentiate betw


I have numerous (read hundreds) of identical filenames, though size, artist, album are different.

Is there any way I can retain the tune filenames while adding (1), (2) to the end of the filename to indicate first and second copies of the tune? Naturally the checksums of each file bearing the same name are also different, but I can't find a way to get them into the same XP directory.

eg. Currently my music directory shows

All of Me.mp3

I would like to add the other versions of this tune to the same directory so that it reads

All of Me.mp3
All of Me.mp3(1)
All of Me.mp3(2)

Any help much appreciated.

Graham milne



I'm sorry, but this is not possible with Mp3tag. Maybe you'll find a File Renamer utility with this functionality.

Best regards,
~ Florian