Adding on the fly of even more new files

Not so long ago the user could start loading up to Mp3tag e.g. 10 000 file - and before waiting for them to be loaded, the user could add another 5000 files. The result was 15 000 files in Mp3tag

But now [i.e. 2.94] I have to wait for those 10 000 to be loaded up, before I can add successfully even a little as 1 more file. And this restricts how I can work

So please take care of that bug. Or if it is not a bug but a change implemented on purpose, then please give the users an option to revert to that previous behavior

I think this is the the corresponding entry in the changelog:
[2018-11-08] FIX: files and directories passed via command line to an existing instance were always added. (#43407)

Can you try what happens when you press the Ctrl key when adding the files to the already running instance?

My bad I forgot to stipulate this clearly: I was referring to adding files with the CTRL being pressed [because for me in Mp3tag "adding" was always done with CTRL]

So now I only tried loading those 5 000 while the previous process of loading of 10 000 did not finish- but without CTRL. As the end result I got those 10 000, not the later 5 000. So I guess that change was implemented to prevent accidental cancellation of the first loading? If yes, then this does not make sense- more likely I can accidentally stop of a loading process then make and accidental second one while the first one is still on. Rarely I even on purpose make a new loading while the first is one, because I realize I grabbed and dropped a wrong folder and what than first to be stopped

So I propose behavior like this: new loading process automatically cancels [and wipes out] the old one; but if CTRL is being pressed then the new files are added after the first ones. So exactly the way it used to work, if I am not mistaken

This is still happening in version 2.95: I cannot anymore add more folders / files to load up when a loading process is already in place. I have to patiently wait for one process to end, in order to feed Mp3tag a new portion of files

Do you know any program where such a thing works?


A piece of software called Mp3tag, version 2.87; and 2.85 and 2.80 and probably every other version of it before 2.88a, at which that described feature apparently had stopped to work

So... am I right or what?

Will this be fixed / reverted?

Unfortunatelly this is still relevant in version 3.05

It won't be changed back. The reason for this change was this issue and I prefer to prevent such things in the future.

OK then

I rest my case

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