[F] Drag&Drop while writing Tags causes exception

It is possible to drag&drop further files onto MP3tag while other file operations are on the way.
The result is an exception error.
These steps should reproduce the error:
Open at least 2 explorer windows with folders that contain files that can be editted by MP3tag.

Load a decent set of files into MP3tag. The number depends a little on the performance of the setup. The target is to start an action with the first set of files that takes a while so that in the meantime it is possible to d&d another folder / set of files onto the MP3tag files list.

When you start the action on the first set, the little message box appears: "Writing tags".
While this window is still there, drag&drop further files onto the MP3tag files list.
Observed behaviour: The mouse cursor changes to the D&D cursor and allows to drop the second set of files.
MP3tag overlays the "Writing tags" box with the "Reading files" box.
After a short time the message appears that an exception error occurred.

I would prefer it that it is not possible to drag&drop further files onto MP3tag while other processes are still running.
Mp3tagError.log (2,4 KB)

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I've fixed this issue with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.87d.

Thanks for reporting and for taking the time to describe the bug in a way, that made it fairly easy for me to reproduce the issue :+1:

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