Adding Playlist Track Numbers to Album Tags

Sorry if this has been asked before but searches didn't turn up any info that worked for me...

I'm trying to get a playlist to play in the desired order on a thumb drive plugged into a Sony PS3. It looks like it sorts files for playback by the "Album" field.

To make this work, I think I need to insert a sequential number in front of each album tag, i.e., 01_Pet Sounds, 02_Rubber Soul, etc. I assume that's done with Actions (quick) > Format > OK > ALBUM but I don't know what format string to use.

Can you help?


The Action type is ok or use Convert>Tag-Tag for ALBUM
Format string: $num(%_counter%,2)_%album%

Your solution worked perfectly, though I realized later that what was actually needed was to number by Title tags, not Album. I simply replaced %album% in your string with %title% and all was well.


My output cannot be any better than your input.
I am glad that you found a solution, though.

That is true. Without your help I never would have solved it :slight_smile: