Adding random cover art to tracks


I like listening to podcasts but I always create my own album art for each one.

I usually put all the podcasts into a folder for the day and add cover art manually for each one (or sometimes 2 or 3 podcasts).

It's fun!

To add each custom made art image cover obviously I right click Add cover... and navigate to the file.

What would be really great and is my suggestion for a new feature would be to have a control:

"Add random cover from a folder"

A right click on here would allow the user to navigate to a folder of album art images and add a random image from a folder.

Please see attached image which I hope explains where the control might go

Thanks for reading this.

You could use a naming scheme for your pictures that allows to access them with a random number.
Then use the $rand() function as part of the format string to create a filename.

Did you know that you could use wildcards as part of the format string?
This could lead to some sort of suprising result as then that file would be used that the filesystem considers to be the first.

Note: When randomly selecting a picture file, you have no control whether one picture file is selected several times.