Adding ratings via POPM


Hello, I see that V2.36a now has;

"NEW: asterisks entered at POPULARIMETER are translated to corresponding numeric value."

I know this sounds obvious, but can someone talk/walk me through this please. I can open the POPM field and add asterisks (say ****), but they stay this way (is this just MP3 tag's way of showing it?). Also when I read them in any of my players the rating is not shown. I realise this may be because the player does not read the info from the POPM tag, but I want to make sure the asterisks ARE being converted correctly.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to type in more than just ***?
I know that the POPM tag normally has 3 parts;
X|Y|Z where X is an address (email of), Y is a number 0-255 (
rating), and Z is play count.

TIA <_<


Make sure that the field you use in the Mp3tag GUI is named POPULARIMETER
POPM is just the frame name inside the file