Adding Return Carriage into a Field

Hi folks,

I'd like to add carriage returns (new lines) into the comment field, but no success. I've used \r, \n & \r\n in the format value action, but :frowning: , I want to do that as a previous pass to merge fields, but without the carriage returns, the fields are merged in the same line. I've been looking in the FAQ and Search with no satisfying answer.

Here is a relatively related topic: /t/14858/1, but does not really solved the question as it use an export txt, I'm wondering if there is a direct way using the Format Value...


(carriage return and linefeed) where you need the break.

Edit: the correct syntax is $char() instead of $chr() - what I wrote first.

Noooops, doesn't work, with the format value I get literally this:

...Copyright 2014 CED, Inc.$chr(13)$chr(10)You're not leaving on a jet plane if you d...

Thanks ohrenkino

Yes, sorry, my mistake: wrong syntax - please see my first post for the correct syntax: $char()

Yes Sir, that's it, I've seen the rectification a bit late :blush:

Works fine, thanks ohrenkino