Adding song & playlist image

How can I add an image to a song/playlist I have?
I want it to be seen on the preview and when I play the song.
I tried to select all of my files and then add an image but it didn't work for some reason. Maybe I did it wrong?

Please help :frowning:

I do not think that a playlist can have an individual image.
You can embed an image in an audio file and perhaps the player then shows that image during playback.

How did you try to add the image to the playlist?

Ok, so how I add an image to a song?
I added all of the songs I have to the program, selected all of them, right clicked on the image in the left bottom corner and added it, but it didn't do anything when I saved it.

If you really performed those steps and "added it" means that you selected a file as image and saved the modification with Ctrl-S then it should work.

Unless you save the picture in file types that do not support pictures.
Or you write tag versions that do not support pictures.
Check Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg for the settings: you should read, write and delete all tag version and write V2.3 tags.