Adding space between TITLE and ARTIST


How do I manage to automatically add a space between the TITLE and the ARTIST field...
I mean... I have an mp3 like this: "John Chena-Ionosphere" and I want it to become "John Chena - Ionosphere".

Thank you in advance.


Not sure what you mean - do you want to generate a filename? If yes, use "%title% - %artist%" as format string in the Tag - Filename converter. Otherwise, you might want to use a replace action and replace "-" with " - ".


I don't want to generate a filename with "%title% - %artist%".

I want to do something like this and have 2 situations:

  1. The file name is John Chena-Ionosphere.mp3

    What I want: put the "-" between 2 spaces and the file name will become John Chena - Ionosphere.mp3

  2. The file name already have the "-" between 2 spaces: Markus Joyce - Mallakya.mp3
    What I want: let the file name as it is

So, I'm looking for something like an IF condition... if the "-" is already situated between spaces then don't do anything, ELSE put 2 spaces...


There are several ways to go from within Mp3tag.
One easy fine way is what Sebastian Mares has exposed, and i would expect you will reach your target, if you go.