Adding Symbols to MP3 Songs

Hello Everyone

I was just wandering how you add certain symbols to mp3 files with mp3tag, like a question mark ?
a exclamation point ! a quotation mark " or a plus sign +

any help would be greatly appreciated

thank you

If it's the filename ? and " are illegal characters and cannot be used.

As far as the rest of your question it's unclear as to what you mean.

I think that doby thinks that a dedicated software like Mp3tag would make it possible to do what Windows Explorer cannot do; which indicates that doby does not know what an illegal character is

And to answer your problem doby: use substitutes. For example two ordinary dots [..] can replace a semicolon [:] and an underscore [_] could replace the slash [/]. They could be used both in FILENAME and in TITLE, because they would have to be used in FILENAME. But if you do not want to use them also in TITLE tag, because the semicolon and slash can be used there, then you would have to use the "Tag - Filename" icon with a code like this

$replace(%title%,/,_,:,..)to be able to copy the title from TITLE to FILENAME, with an automatic change of illegal character during the transfer [they wold remain in the TITLE]. And if you would like to go the other way around, to copy title from FILENAME to TITLE but with automatic change of substitutes to illegal characters, then you would have to use a user defined action for that

Of course you can choose different substitutes but in the aforementioned solution you would have to plan ahead take into consideration how an ellipsis [...] would behave; if you should use just three dots [...] or a precomposed ellipsis […]. So all in all you could start with something easier to gain some practice, something that does not have variables, like the also aforementioned slash or a question mark

Which is why I'm explaining that to him/her. How can one particular software overwrite the rules of the OS at hand. It can't. It'll throw an error.

  1. Why are you talking so much about the TITLE here? It's confusing. Reserved characters only concern FILENAMES.

  2. : and / are not the only reserved characters in win OS. Full list here.

  3. You're forgetting one very important function here in all that long winded/confusing paragraph. Illegal characters can be replaced with the $validate function in one simple function found below.

Example (formats the FILENAME and replaces ALL illegal chars [in Wiki link] of TITLE and replaces them with )

Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $validate(%title%,)