Adding tags to common filenames

Mp3tag has been fantastic for sorting out my music library but (and I hate itunes :frowning:) I've now noticed that my jukebox software isnt picking up on a lot of songs because they're mp4 not mp3. I can convert them to mp3s but they then lose all the tag information, I've been trying to find out if the converter can keep the tag info but so far no luck (ditto for a jukebox software that will read both). So is there anyway mp3tag can help me transfer the tag info? They share a filename but otherwise one is a mp4 with all the tags sorted and one is a blank mp3.

Mp3tag could help you but I'd rather look for a software that keeps the tags, i.e. foobar2000

Anyway, you can copy tags to the clipboard and paste them to other files. You just need to make sure their both in the same order.

Select the mp4 files, Ctrl + C
Select the mp3 files, Ctrl + V