Adding tags to library

Hi guys, can some1 tell me how i add existing tags like title or album to overall library so i can just pick them to new songs

There is no

in such a way that it lingers in the background and gives you access to all the data ever read like e.g. iTunes does which works even when there is no file available.
So there is no function to add existing tags.
You add data to the internal library by switching on that function in Tools>Options>Library and then load files.
The purpose of the MP3tag library is to allow the handling of large collections. It is not there to have a reference for picking data.

May I suggest looking at how you play your music instead of how you tag it for what you are looking for here. I personally tag using MP3Tag but use MusicBee as my main player unless I am moving things to my Ipod than am forced to use Itunes....

MusicBee has an Inbox (where you can put your new files when you import them by adjusting the preferences) or if you ad them to the library directly you can sort by date added....It also will monitor your music folder on startup for new files or you can set the preferences to monitor it continuously. Than if you require you can tag the new files if you have not already done so prior to importing them to your music folder.