Adding text next to album art!

Hi i am wanting to put some album/artist info in text next to the artwork of the album cover as it appears onscreen a kind of review of the album ,it would be copy and pasted from Amazon or suchlike.Is this possible?and how would i do it in laymans terms (idiot guide needed here).Also is their a way to get rid of the word flac at the end of every track as it is annoying.I have tried to do it but no success idiot guide needed again.Hope you can help great software just find it a bit confusing with all these strings and fields and stuff :flushed: .Thanks Dave

the only tag that appears next to the album art is, as far as I know, "unsyncedlyrics" - so you would have to misuse that tag.
If you want to store any data "inside" a picture you could use the exif-tags for jpgs. But that information won't appear while a song is played. And it is only visible if you have some kind of exif-editor. Even MP3tag won't show exif-data.